A theme? or Costume

Think of an iconic person, with an iconic costume!

Something that people will automatically recognise 🙂


Ideas so far:

Suffragettes (anniversary, girl power/ STEM & Wimbledon colours of purple & green)

Will.i.am (iconic, cool, loves robots and coding but HASN’T replied to our tweet so may be out of favour)

Malala (iconic, represents children, Rights Respecting School etc)

St Patrick’s day (same day as comp, recognisable and lends itself to dancing. Also, Miss Gillan! Maybe she will bring her flute.)

Star Wars – Carrie Fisher died in 2016 so could choose Princess Leia?

There will be further discussion today. Combining the dance with the best-dressed is problematic as we want a meaningful theme but it also has to look good on a dance floor!

Meeting 1 – Our first after school session!


What did you all think about it?
Thank you so much to Jean-Marc for joining us from IBM today! It was great to meet you and learn more about you.

I have added a few little snapshots of today for you to watch and reflect on. Did anybody learn anything exciting that they would like to share with the group?


Can I just add about this video, that I filmed it the wrong way… everything is slightly squashed in one direction… Sorry!




Can I just say how proud I am of all of you (I’m sure I’m not the only one)


You really shone like stars today!

No matter what happens on Saturday, we will be proud of you and are amazed at everything you have done.  You have faced challenge after challenge and you have done so with such maturity!!


Even if heads fall off, costume disasters happen, or things don’t work, we will have a fabulous time and be aware of the amazing things we have succeeded with!


proud teacher alert 🙂


The presentation



Our presenters are about to show their presentation to the other Year 6 children for the first time. I bet that is nerve-wracking!


They might have some constructive criticism that we can use to improve even more! (One of the learning powers we mention in our presentation)

Green Screen

So I tried to do the green screen pictures today, however I think it would have been better to pick out the background image we wanted first as we aren’t quite looking in the correct place.


Have a little look on the site for more background pictures we could use over the weekend and then we can always do more ‘greenscreening’ on Monday or Tuesday 🙂




This week

Remember – the presentation needs to be handed in soon so this needs to be created this week.


Also, I will be in the ICT suite each lunchtime, Mon through to Thurs (after choir). I’m hoping to see you at some point in there 🙂

Obviously I don’t expect you every lunchtime as we all need a break every now and then 🙂


Can’t wait to continue with this! The competition is getting much closer – Getting excited!


Just to let you know that the software is now downloaded on the corner computers of the ICT suite and if you come find me at 12.45 at lunch times, I will come in and let you experiment with the robot and software. Next week, I will also have challenges for you to work through 🙂