Welcome 2018 Super-Team!

Just a very quick blog post from me to say how pleased I am with our amazing team selection! Some of you were involved last year and some are new to our robot but you are all excellent team players – we’ll have loads of fun together learning new things and learning from our mistakes with a laugh – I love working with you all.

See you at our first meeting next Wednesday, when we will also welcome our IBM mentor, Jean-Marc. Before that you might want to read some of these blog posts about last year’s competition.

Any questions/ worries before then (or at any time), please don’t hesitate to comment here, speak to Ms Gillan or me, or email me (my email address is on letters to parents from Code Club etc if you don’t remember it). Don’t worry, Miss Gillan & I have done this competition before so we’re on it this year!

So excited!




23 thoughts on “Welcome 2018 Super-Team!

  1. I’m really excited to get started with the robo challenge/ junior developer challenge. I think we have got a really good team and I’m sure it will be lost of fun.

  2. I’m really glad I got onto the team, especially since only seven people got in! I think we have a good chance of doing well as we know eachother very well and we work together well.

  3. I’m so excited to be working with you all! I think you will all work well and persevere through the many challenges that we (or the robot) will set for you!

    How exciting!

    Does anybody have any ideas of the challenges they’d like to be included in after reading the rules?

    • I don’t mind what part I get, whether its the ball to the speed challenge, but one part I don’t want is the X factor challenge because I work better over time so I wouldn’t be able to do the best i could. The part I would like most is the game design, because I think I’m good at scratch (in terms of coding), I’ll be very consistent at keeping time of the time limit we have been set, and lastly because I have good ideas for the game itself.

    • I would like to be in X-factor because I like a challenge and think I am good at maths and I also want to do Robo Ball because I think I have a good musical sense and I also want to do the game development because I think I am good at coding.

    • I would like to do the robo ball because I think I will be good with the costume. I’ve got a few ideas for the moves and i got a good sense of music. I would also like to do the race but I wouldn’t mind doing the X Factor.

  4. I would like to do the presentation as I think I am confident and a good public speaker. I also like the sound of the robo ball as I think I have a good sense of rhythm and I also think I would be good at presenting and making the game but I would prefer to do the presentation. If needed I wouldn’t mind doing the X factor and Robo race but I would rather not do them.

  5. I would like to do the robo ball because I would love to dress up the robot also I would love to do the game design because I love coding games on other apps like scratch and and I have thought of a few ideas for on scratch which are simple and effective. I would ideally not want to do x factor challenge as under pressure I may find it hard.I would be willing to do any challenge but perhaps not x factor.

  6. I would like to robo race because I think i’m good at maths and coding and I enjoy doing those two things, also I would like to do x-factor because I like a challenge and I like doing maths.

  7. I wouldn’t mind doing the presentation if no one is stepping forward because I don’t doubt my presenting skills and I don’t really mind doing it.

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