Meeting 3 – Theme

We have spoken previously about possible themes/ names for our robot. Let’s have a proper think about this today! We decided it should be something topical and something that means something to us and our school. Teamwork is an important part of the Challenge and I think we should build this into our theme somehow. Have a think about our journey to become a Rights Respecting School and about our school ethos:

Can we think about this in relation to any news themes recently? Reflect on what has dominated the news/ conversations at school/ in your home and decide between you about how we can maybe incorporate this into our Robo Challenge.

Let’s chat and make a decision later today?

Some Pi Problems


I was completely amazed by your Pi investigations at lunchtime! Do you think you could use what you learned about the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle to solve the following problems?

  • My bike wheels are 60cm diameter. From my house to school is 2km. How many times do my bike wheels rotate on the journey?
  • My car tyre is 65cm diameter. My parents live in Cheshire – 340 km from Wimbledon. How many times do the car wheels rotate on my journey home?
  • If you do any car journeys, can you find out the distance travelled and how wide is your car wheel? Can you work out the wheel rotations? (Don’t measure the car wheel size by yourself, get an adult to do it or just estimate).

Coding session Tate Modern Half term

Look what Jean-Marc found! What a fantastic opportunity. Do let me know if any of you go along – it’s during half term. *Update* here is the application form – only 7 places! 

Drop in and join South London Raspberry Jam for an afternoon of varied and fascinating workshops led by young coders and digital makers. Explore the Micro Bit and coding linked to robots and physical computing; wearables and neopixels; gaming and networking and the Internet of Things.

The workshops will be developed by young coders who will spend a day learning about new developements in coding and digital making with industry experts from the Microbit FoundationRaspberry Pi Foundation, Github and Computers at School (CAS). They will then pass on their knowledge and skills to you through hands-on workshops and activities:

  • Build a WordPress page. Display your favourite artwork from the Tate’s collection; upload a one minute video clip and develop an ‘About me’ page
  • Discover how to create an Internet of Things device using a Micro Bit to broadcast tweets and Node RED to explore positive and negative images
  • Play with an Arduino processor, buttons, LEDs, resistors and more with our physical computing fanatics from South London Makerspace
  • Immerse yourself in a virtual world of your own creation with a few lines of code, courtesy of Coderdojo
  • Collaborate in creating a mural using an augmented reality powered app called Visualizar
  • Explore and create wearable technology with the fabulous Lorraine Underwood and Tania Fish.




Meeting 1 – Our first after school session!


What did you all think about it?
Thank you so much to Jean-Marc for joining us from IBM today! It was great to meet you and learn more about you.

I have added a few little snapshots of today for you to watch and reflect on. Did anybody learn anything exciting that they would like to share with the group?


Can I just add about this video, that I filmed it the wrong way… everything is slightly squashed in one direction… Sorry!



Do all toys need to be interactive?

Today, Lego has announced a big partnership with a Chinese company to try and increase its worldwide sales. They want to  create a safe online environment covering content, platforms, and experiences tailored for Chinese children.

“What we are looking for now … is just to find more creative ways… (of) reaching children, and creating bespoke content ….eg video games,” said the China Lego manager. The partnership includes developing a Lego video zone for children, as well as developing and operating Lego branded licensed games.

It also includes LEGO BOOST — a building and coding set that lets children turn their brick creations into moving objects — and will explore developing a joint social network for children in China.

So, here’s my question for you, because you are the stereotypical customer of Lego.

Is it not enough anymore for a company to sell a brilliant construction toy like Lego – do all toys need an online presence – videos, online games etc, in order to keep you interested? Is it necessary that they can programmed like our own robot?

Please discuss in the comments below.

Welcome 2018 Super-Team!

Just a very quick blog post from me to say how pleased I am with our amazing team selection! Some of you were involved last year and some are new to our robot but you are all excellent team players – we’ll have loads of fun together learning new things and learning from our mistakes with a laugh – I love working with you all.

See you at our first meeting next Wednesday, when we will also welcome our IBM mentor, Jean-Marc. Before that you might want to read some of these blog posts about last year’s competition.

Any questions/ worries before then (or at any time), please don’t hesitate to comment here, speak to Ms Gillan or me, or email me (my email address is on letters to parents from Code Club etc if you don’t remember it). Don’t worry, Miss Gillan & I have done this competition before so we’re on it this year!

So excited!