Remembering our Wordle, do you think you were a good team member on Saturday?

Please give examples of things you did to back up your answer.

Was there anything else we could have done to score more highly in this category?

18 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. I think I was an ok team player, because there is always room for improvement! I wish we had been able to interact with more schools throughout throughout the day. Human bingo was good for this, but I think there should be more challenges where everybody mixed together.

  2. I think I was a good team member as for both our challenges Klaidi and I worked together and got on well. I think maybe if everyone communicated more we could have scored higher but over all, I think everyone tried hard to be a good team player.

  3. Everyone did excellent except I was kind of a let down. If we did that again I would have tried better as a team player.

    • I think you did well on Saturday Yusef. You really made sure that the gears were working with Lulu before the challenge and you both worked really well together when explaining it to the adults at the end of the day.

      Be positive about yourself!!

    • Yusef, I agree with Miss Gillan. On Saturday you were enthusiastic and remained calm. You and Lulu worked very well together – all those times the speed buggy’s wheels wouldn’t turn and neither of you panicked, you just got on with fixing it together! During practice runs everything was perfect and most people’s robots went a little bit wrong on the day – that’s life! You know that you learned lots, that your team built that whole robot themselves and understood everything about it. You could build another one tomorrow (maybe you will in Robo Club next week?). Most teams’ cars went off the track during the race heats – we always knew going straight wasn’t easy but yours was a fast robot and you geared it up, and explained this, very well. Your parents looked very proud!

  4. I think we were really organised with our robots and we were all helping each other and giving feedback to improve.We were all good at sharing and having the same amount of time practising each challenge.

  5. I think that we were all good team players and everyone got along however in some challenges only one person was doing the talking and that may look like they aren’t a proper team however it wasn’t really like that I think we all did amazing on Saturday!

    • Yes… it might have just been that the judges only heard from one, but that didn’t necessarily mean that the other wasn’t involved!

    • Taking control isn’t always being a good team player but the control has to be somewhere. It’s very important that it is shared out well Luca. You’re right!

  6. I think you worked well as a team throughout our preparations for the challenge – I didn’t hear a single argument and you all helped other teams – for example, Luca was a great additon to the speed team and Ellie helped by making the presentation and controlling the slides. Having Marcie & Evan also helped us a lot!
    One thing we hadn’t discussed in our teamwork talk was what to do if you felt that your team was unequal in some way – for example, if one member felt more confident, or knew more, or found it easier, or worked harder or even just had a louder voice! It is the responsibility of each member of a team both to pull their own weight and to ensure that everyone else on the team is included and this may involve some compromise. If you ever feel that a team isn’t working then you need to stop and talk to other team members to tell them how you feel and think of a solution together – this may be as simple as taking turns, or assigning a role to each member that suits their strengths (a bit like having positions in a netball team).
    I think this is the reason that IBM places such emphasis on teamwork in the competition – they all work on projects in teams and a team is only as strong as its weakest member. The quietest member of a team may also have the most to offer, but if his/ her voice can’t be heard then the team isn’t offering its best work. Everyday teamwork doesn’t always come naturally and it needs rules and structure, just like in a sports team or an orchestra.

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