Give yourselves a huge clap

What a pleasure it was to spend such a lovely (exhausting) day with you all! IBM worked us so hard, didn’t they? I’m worn out so you must be even more tired. You all did so well, no stress under pressure. Miss Gillan and I were very proud indeed. Everyone contributed to each challenge in practice and preparation so we can all take credit.

Lots of thank you’s – first to your parents for having such spectacular children in the first place and for supporting us in so many ways throughout this challenge – feeding us (amazing flapjacks!), having Ada for sleepovers, helping us engineer etc. To Marcie & Evan – we couldn’t have done it without you! To our whole school staff for their support & enthusiasm and especially Mrs Hastings. To Lauren & Prachi for giving up their time, for being great female role models and being so lovely generally. To Mrs Gooderick for supporting us throughout and for coming to watch. Miss Parsons for letting you out of class for the last few weeks. Who would you like to thank?

And now we have some new Lego! We must let Marcie & Evan know. Remember that Robo Club will continue for the next 2 weeks (until Easter).  We can actually have some relaxed fun playing with the EV3’s and our prize Lego WeDo2!

Fame at last! Miss Gillan has loads more photos to add and Lauren filmed the presentation. Thanks to Tim for sending us your photos too.

10 thoughts on “Give yourselves a huge clap

  1. It was so fun! It’s sad that now it’s all over but at least we can continue for a couple of weeks. Thanks to everybody for helping with the dance and presentation! Also thank you for sweets, cakes etc…

  2. Thank you so much Mrs Schofield and Miss Gillan; we couldn’t have done it without you! Also huge shoutout to Lauren and Prachi for giving up their time to help and support us (and supplying us with cake!). Tomorrow we must say thank you To Marcie, Evan, Remy and Maaria for all their continuous help. Robo team remember to wear your t-shirts tomorrow !

    • Thanks so much – Really we were just there to help you stay on task! You did it all and should definitely take the credit!

  3. The whole competition was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I have learnt the importance of working as a team to help each other, whether that be in watching presentations or helping build chassis’. I have also learnt that Luca’s mum makes the best flapjack EVER, and should be on the Bake Off! I am so glad I got the chance to take part in this whole competition and I will remember it forever!

  4. I still can’t believe we won the presentation and came joint 4th overall! Well done to everybody for all your hard work throughout this whole thing!

  5. You really should feel proud of yourselves, all of you, and I mean Mrs Schofield and Mrs Gillan too. You have worked incredibly hard and I think you are all marvellous! (that’s a word that isn’t used very often nowadays!)
    I’ve got just one complaint – there was clearly an awful lot of cake around on Saturday and I didn’t get to taste one crumb! I guess it was all eaten earlier in the day and helped to fuel your great problem solving and thinking.
    You all looked great in your Robo-challenge t-shirts at school on Monday 😀

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