Can I just say how proud I am of all of you (I’m sure I’m not the only one)


You really shone like stars today!

No matter what happens on Saturday, we will be proud of you and are amazed at everything you have done.  You have faced challenge after challenge and you have done so with such maturity!!


Even if heads fall off, costume disasters happen, or things don’t work, we will have a fabulous time and be aware of the amazing things we have succeeded with!


proud teacher alert 🙂


12 thoughts on “Proud!

  1. The assembly yesterday went really well- special shout out to Klaidi and Issy for a fantastic presentation! It’s more nerve-wracking performing to people you know, so if you two managed KS2 then the judges will be no problem! 2 days to do, can’t wait!

  2. I can’t add any more to Miss Gillan’s words – what a proud moment for the whole school. You really wowed the staff and children! It WAS “alright on the night” so let’s hope Saturday’s the same. I don’t mind if heads fall off or the speed chassis veers across the room, because we know full well that you CAN do it. Didn’t Dancing Ada look spectacular? The outfit really emphasises her moves, I think it’s worth the risk of a head possibly falling off?! Live Dangerously I say…

    • I think the head will be securely fastened on Saturday – it went well today for the five or six times she danced, so hopefully that’s a good omen!

  3. I agree and I was so proud of you today as well.
    Your presentation today was amazing. So clear and professional.
    I am so proud of you all and will be very nervous on Saturday waiting to hear how you all get on.
    Mrs H

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