What’s Left To Do? Let’s Get Organised!

CHALLENGES – generally, everyone to check competition rules and tick off everything for their challenge. I suggest each pair practises next week in separate room to ensure peace and quiet.

​​Dance – I & K to finish moves, stop it on time (with a flourish?!) and check it works within 2m square and with outfit. Save final file – see below. Suggest rip up lanes in suite and replace with 2m square.
Best Dressed – L & E to swot up on Ada Lovelace history, program a 50cm square (Miss Gillan may have  found a site to help you with this?), test with Ada outfit and save final file. 50cm square is on board behind door in suite.
X Factor – L & E to try X Factor 3 together (it’s on Beebot mat under bench in suite with robots). Program on paper first before even attempting to use software.
Presentation – Ignore for now, lots of practice time available (even on the train going up! Do it to the other passengers hehe).  Download to laptop etc
Race – L & Y just to keep trying to get it straight and program it to go 5.5m then stop? Test it and save final file. If they’re comfortable with that they could try to improve E’s speed model – solidify the gearing etc. Make sure you are able to discuss gearing in case you are asked questions


  • ​set up a Final Programs folder in the Lego folder in KS2. This is ONLY to be used for properly tested and final programs. Next week, save all to USB and laptop (need folder on laptop?)
  • ensure everyone is familiar with using the official laptop and with where files are saved on it, also able to download programs from the laptop to Ada and know how to clear memory space on Ada


14 thoughts on “What’s Left To Do? Let’s Get Organised!

  1. Thank you for telling us exactly what we need to do to win, if we all put in time at home and at school working on our challenges we will be perfect !

  2. The competition is 6 days away! I’m really excited as I think we have worked so hard on all of this and we actually get to test out it all on Saturday. We can do this Merton Park!

    • YES! You have all worked SO, SO hard. You are little worker bees! I am so grateful to you all for giving up all your free time, and also to Miss Gillan – I dont know if she can remember the last time she had a proper lunch break?! Now it’s sunny we really need to be outside during our breaks.

  3. There is an Ada Lovelace video on the Code Club blog and I think this blog, and it’s really helpful, so Luca and Estelle could watch that if they need!

    • So sorry, Lulu, I wrote Luca instead of Lulu! Well-spotted. Yes it’s your responsibility to get the speed thing ready!

    • It seems like Lulu is now helping me with X-factor! Is this meant to be so? I think Luca is doing X-factor with me and Lulu is doing speed! No need for a suitcase now Lulu!

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