Session 5

Another hectic afternoon and we were very happy to see Lauren again!

  • L & Y were delighted that E helped them crack the speed chassis build! I think we have a great, fast, reliable model. Lots of practice needed setting it off on a straight course. And can we make E’s speed model more solid and stop the gears slipping please?
  • E and M doing a fine job with Ada’s costumes! I need to sew the cape heading.
  • E & L did really, really good X Factor work on challenges 1 & 2. Well done L on your first attempt at this, your maths was excellent and you were very resilient!
  • So proud of K and I who have worked incredibly hard on the presentation, taken on board all constructive criticism and been brave enough to present in front of Mrs Hastings & Year 6, Miss Parsons, Mrs Gooderick & Lauren. Practice makes perfect. Guys, you’re amazing 🙂  Please don’t be sick on Saturday…


4 thoughts on “Session 5

  1. The presentation was fantastic Klaidi and Isabella, there were just a few little changes that we suggested. Really looking forward to seeing you do it next Saturday!

  2. Is anybody bringing biscuits tomorrow, or do we have enough in the secret stash? If we need I can bring some, but if there is plenty I won’t.

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