List of things to take on Saturday

KIT TO TAKE ON SATURDAY – can you think of anything else?

battery charger
laptop plus charger
USB stick with files
spare charged batteries (lots)
paper, pens, calculator, tape measure
outfits, glue gun etc (just in case)
spare lego pieces
if we need to return Ada on Saturday after the comp we must ensure E’s model goes back
permission slips
parents’ mobile numbers
any medical stuff

27 thoughts on “List of things to take on Saturday

    • Does the list include the presentation notes? I can’t see them and they might be useful, so we could stick them on Ada coloured card incase you need the words. I think that’s everything though.

  1. Don’t forget your sandwiches! I guess they can’t really be included in ‘kit’ though. Could a KitKat be considered part of a kit list? I would take some, just in case!

    • Every Kit needs a Kat! However, we won’t need packed lunches as those lovely IBM people are feeding us all day.

  2. I’ll make some breakfast muffins (blueberry, if that’s ok), to keep us going on the train up. Just checking, we don’t need packed lunches, do we?

  3. We’ll need plenty of paper for the X-factor to jot down our workings! I think that is all as long as the presentation is saved on the USB.

    • Presentation is saved – Both adults have all challenges saved on their different memory sticks, and they are added to the laptop!

      Always prepared!!!

  4. I added a duck for the X-factor challenge yesterday. Chocolate the duck will be there to help us trace the route we need to program!

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