The presentation



Our presenters are about to show their presentation to the other Year 6 children for the first time. I bet that is nerve-wracking!


They might have some constructive criticism that we can use to improve even more! (One of the learning powers we mention in our presentation)

24 thoughts on “The presentation

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Was there any constructive criticism? Or was everybody really happy with all of it?

      The pi bit is really funny!

    • Oh well done you too. I bet the others wre completely impressed – I was! That’s the worst audience you could have (not that there’s anything wrong with your class – they’re lovely), but it’s always so much harder doing it in front of friends! Constructive criticism shows they were really interested and listening hard – you caught their attention. IBM will be a doddle. Very proud of you & Klaidi. You are AMAZING 🙂

    • Well done Issy and Klaidi! Your confidence was amazing and you really knew what you were doing. I loved the jokes about pi (as always) but you did really well on the Naming Ada and Girls v Boys. I know everybody enjoyed it, you were both fantastic! We can do this Merton Park!!

  1. Indeed. As it’s getting closer, I’m getting more and more excited for the 18th. Anyone else feeling this?

    I’m so proud of everything we’ve done and everybody involved!

    • Me – I’m very excited. Mainly because I have such confidence in our amazing children – there’s a lot of work still to do but they are all working so well together – so proud of all the learning they have squeezed into their lunchtimes!
      What a committed bunch – I am so looking forward to a fun day out with you all 🙂

      • Yes we started of using seconds and doing trial and error justto go in a straight line but after committing to come every lunchtime and wednsday after just shows how much you can improve.

      • Me too; I’m really looking forward to learning things we never knew we never knew about Ada! I’m also excited for all the other activities like Chef Watson and Rubbish Robots, but most importantly, the actual competition. Come on Merton Park, we can do this!!

  2. Well done Klaidi and Isabella the presentation looks amazing. You both did very well showing it to our headteacher and an IBM professional!

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