Klaidi & Benjy’s Robot!

Klaidi and Benjy went to the Lego store today and they built this robot!

I want to know what her name is, and why she has so many (very sharp!) teeth and eyes – what are they for, do you think?
Klaidi, did you plan for her to have any sensors?

19 thoughts on “Klaidi & Benjy’s Robot!

  1. I love your robot boys! How long did it take to build, because it looks amazing?! I really like the feet and arms due to the way they were built. Well done!

    • Klaidi I love this picture, thanks for sharing! Is it a tapestry or a real photo of a Lego build? I can’t tell! Can you estimate how many bricks would be needed to build this actual model?

      • These were actuall lego models.the top 2 photos were both part of the first lego piece. I am estimating over 5000 lego!

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