Don’t we have lovely friends?!

Look at the amazing hair bow M has made us for Dancing Ada!
Isn’t she clever and kind, and aren’t we so lucky to have the support from our year 5 Robo-friends – M, E, R & M?

12 thoughts on “Don’t we have lovely friends?!

  1. I really like how supportive some year fives are being to the year sixes in the robot challenge, they have been really helpful and hopefully they can go next year.

  2. If Merton Park takes part in the Robo challenge next year, you should definatly get those four in the team. They have been really supportive and encouraging to us, so we should make sure they can enter the blog and see all of their hard work. Thank you to all the Year 5’s who have helped us throughout all this competition!

  3. Thank you for all these lovely comments about Me,Marcie,Remy and Maaria. I have enjoyed helping you and wish I could come.

    • So do I, Evan! We have so appreciated your help, I dont think we’d have a speed vehicle yet wihtout your input! We will ensure we find something for you next year.

    • Please can we pack these amazing four into suitcases to come?! IBM would never know and we would have even more friends around us to help! Come on Merton Park!

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