Dance ideas

I like how one-wheel turns make a zig zag in the next one:

10 thoughts on “Dance ideas

  1. I’m in school so can’t see the top one yet but I love that bottom one. I love the one wheel zigzags! They look so cool!!!

    Dance team – I’m expecting amazing things on Monday!

  2. The zigzags look really cool, we should definatly try and include them in our routine. We will need to work out the maths for a one wheel turn, but I’m sure that will be fine!

  3. These are great! They will help Isabella and Klaidi come up with some more ideas!
    The dance challenge looks really tricky so possibly when I finish the costumes and programming I can help with it. Although as everyone working so hard on it , it should be done by then!

  4. Could we have a tail which stays in time with the beat? Or would that be weird to have a human (Ada) with a tail? 🙂 We could use the third motor couldn’t we? It makes it look a bit more like a dance. As in real life, most people dance with more than one part of their body!

  5. I think what they did to make the zigzag, was, on the program they could of changed it to one specific motor and then switched to the other motor. Which ment they would both turn different ways. On top of that they might of programmed it in seconds whic might be why it is quite quick but really effective. That could be something we add in our dance.

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