Session 4

Wow! What a busy day we’ve had.

  • Lots of group discussion about our presentation, which you wrote on the sugar paper and Ellie has typed up into the beginnings of a school-themed presentation – thank you! How will you fit everything you want to say into 3 minutes? All those jokes about Pi..
  • Estelle has done lots of fabric sorting and pattern cutting to get Ada’s 2 outfits ready. Luca built the “body and head” chassis so we’re getting there quickly.
  • Yusef & Lulu did lots of hard work on the speed chassis – the engineering bit is hard, eh?
  • Miss Gillan, Isabella and Klaidi have made amazing progress with the dance! And Miss Parsons came in to cast an expert eye over the choreography which was really helpful, thank you!
  • Mmm, also we ate. ALOT! But it gave us the energy we needed to keep going.


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