Dressing Ada

I have started a collection of bits and bobs we could use to dress Ada. I don’t have any purple silky fabric for her dress, but if we can’t find any we could use tissue paper. See what you can find at home (ask first!) to add to the tin? We also need a funky disco outfit. I found some googly eyes!

10 thoughts on “Dressing Ada

  1. Ada had a yellow headband in most pictures, should we ask Marcalina to make a yellow bow? By the time everything is dry it will all look even more amazing than it did!

    • Hi Ellie,
      I think Marcelina is making her hair bow for the dancing robot, so a funky fun , maybe with feathers! We could use a yellow or gold ribbon for Ada’s hairband? Have a look in my lovely (!) tin to see if there’s one there?

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