Session 1 – What makes good teamwork?

We welcomed Prachi, from IBM. We’re very lucky as Prachi was involved with last years’ Challenge so has lots of tips!

We used Trial & Error to make our robot travel a set distance and experimented with the controls for Steering, Power, Rotations & Seconds.

We decided we needed a lot more time and preferably a few more robots!

We discussed the challenges we would like to be involved with, some of the rules and what to expect on the Big Day.

We talked about what teamwork means and what qualities a good team member has.


These are our ideas about teamwork – thanks to Ellie & Isabella for sorting out the Wordle!


Prachi is one of our IBM mentors and will be coming to join us tonight. We are delighted to have her with us and I know you’ll be pleased to welcome her! There’s a little bit of information about Prachi below. I’m sure you’ll have more questions, especially once you know that she has taken part in the competition before! Lauren, our other mentor, should be coming along next week. Both Prachi & Lauren are really busy at work so we are very grateful to them for giving up any time they can spend with us.



Just to let you know that the software is now downloaded on the corner computers of the ICT suite and if you come find me at 12.45 at lunch times, I will come in and let you experiment with the robot and software. Next week, I will also have challenges for you to work through 🙂


What questions do you have about the challenge or the rules?

  • Does our robot have to stay dressed throughout the day
  • Can we add bits to our robot/ change its shape throughout the day?
  • Are any of the challenges simultaneous and will we know order of play/ timings in advance
  • Do all children take any part in the X factor (can they help the Challenge Team?)